wind sector in pakistan

Wind Energy in particular has been highlighted as one of the most feasible alternative energy technologies in Pakistan. The Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor, spreading 60 km along the coastline of Sindh province and over 170 km inland, alone has the potential to generate 60,000 MW of electricity.

To date, AEDB has facilitated the addition of 255 MW of Wind Energy to the national grid. The first plant to come online at the end of 2012 was FFC Energy, followed by ZorluEnerji Pakistan (2013), Three Gorges Pakistan (2014), Foundation Energy II (2014) and finally Foundation Energy I (2015). Each of these plants were developed under the Cost Plus regime; where the power generator sold power at a rate determined on the basis of the cost.

Nine further projects, with a cumulative generation capacity of 479 MW, have achieved financial close in March 2015 and are currently under construction. These have mostly been developed under the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) regime announced by the government and are expected to become operational by mid 2016. Letters of Intent (LOI) have been awarded by the AEDB for a further 1,014 MW of wind energy, which have yet to achieve financial close.

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