At Master Group, we are committed to growing our businesses in a direction that contributes to a sustainable and progressive Pakistan for the future generation. Furthermore, to ensure decreased dependency on fossil fuel while mitigating the negative impact on the ecosystem.


Committed to provide clean and reliable energy sources by building and operating state of the art wind power facilities, in addition to providing technical excellence to certify the effective delivery of renewable and sustainable energy in Pakistan, to serve the country and to set an example as a responsible entity, while catering to its shareholders interests.

Master Group

Master Group is one of the most dynamic and diverse business groups of Pakistan. The Group started its operations by entering the bedding industry in 1963 as a licensee of Bayer A.G. (Germany) to manufacture foam mattresses in Pakistan and became a pioneer in the market. Today, Master Moltyfoam has become a household name,synonymous with the highest quality products in the Pakistani market. Master Group is not only the leading player in the bedding market, but has also diversified over the period into the textile, automobile, engineering and energy sectors.

The Energy Division

Master Group is committed to play its part in the development of Pakistan’s various sectors. Realizing the role of clean energy in development of the nation, we ventured into the power generation sector by developing a 50 MW wind power project in Jhimpir, Sindh. Master Wind Energy Limited (MWEL) successfully commenced operations in October 2016. Master Green Energy Limited (MGEL) is the Sponsor’s second project in the wind power sector, which is expected to achieve financial close by December, 2017. A number of hydro power projects are also in the pipeline.

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