Master Group of Industries

Master Group is one of Pakistan’s most dynamic and diverse business groups. We started operations in the mattress industry in 1963, and have since diversified into textile, automotive, energy and retail sectors

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Master Wind Energy Limited

Master Wind Energy Limited, a 52.8 MW Wind Power Plant located in Jhimpir, marks our first venture in the Energy business. The project is currently under construction, and is expected to come online by September 2016.

Master Green Energy Limited

We intend to enhance our presence in the energy sector, with a second 100 MW wind project in Sindh. The project is currently in its preliminary stages, and we hope to achieve financial close by end of 2016.


At Master Group, we are committed to growing our businesses in a direction that contributes to a sustainable and progressive Pakistan.


In line with our commitment, we aim to provide a clean and reliable energy source by building and operating state of the art wind power facilities.

Master Wind Energy Limited is Master Group’s first foray into the energy business. It is a 52.8 MW Wind power project located in Jhimpir, Sindh. Currently the project is its construction phase, and is expected to come online by end 2016.

This project is in line with the Government of Pakistan’s desire to reduce dependence on thermal generation and increase the share of renewables in the energy mix.

Master wind farm is situated on 1,408 acres of land, allocated to the project by AEDB in the Jhimpir Wind Corridor.With high wind speeds and sparse population, the area is considered ideal for wind power projects.

It is accessible via the Super Highway which runs between Karachi and Hyderabad.

19 MAR '15

Direct Energy Purchase Agreement executed with CPPA-G.

20 MAR '15

Direct Implementation Agreement and Direct Site Sub Lease executed.

27 MAR '15

Financial Close.

07 APR '15

Project Kick-Off Meeting.

13 MAY '15

Notice to Proceed issues to EPC Contractor.

01 Oct '15

Letter of intent issued to MGEL by Government of Sindh.